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By Ben Lau

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Install the Dualless extension 0.4 for Microsoft edge store. Also, Dualless addons is very helpful for every computer User.




Dualless Extension for Edge

Dualless Extension For Microsoft Edge you can help with quality browsers. Day by Day, Microsoft Edge. This guide will help you to download Dualless extension 0.4 on their website. Anyway, Dualless is developed by Ben Lau. First, you must download their Edge browser then this guide will help to install on their browser through the extension.

In the event that you have wanted to download an extension onto the latest version of Microsoft Edge, there is a simple and straightforward course of action. The following steps will enable you to download and install any extensions that you might want to use.

Download Dualless extension for Microsoft Edge

extensionedge.com is the most popular Microsoft Edge browser, an extension free download alternative website. On this website you can download Extensions no need for any Registration. I think you have a better solution to this website. Dualless is the Productivity category extension in the Microsoft Edge web store.

Anyway, You can understand how to download the free Dualless extension 0.4 simply by visiting our website. There are no special technical skills required to save the files on your computer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead!

Dualless extension Features

Dualless – For those who don’t have dual monitor.
Dualless is a poor man’s dual monitor solution. It splits your browser windows into two by just 2 clicks. The ratio can be adjusted according to your needs.You may have a browser window showing on the right that occupy 30% of your screen. Then the rest of space leave to Google+.

The extension simulates the environment of dual monitor. Utilize the space for 16:9 monitor


* Split current browser window into a pair. And resize their position and size according to the ratio specified by user. (3:7,4:6,5:5,6:4,7:3)

* Merge splitted browser windows back to a single window , or make it occupy the full screen area.

* MacOS X like windows management. When one of the splitted windows got focused, the other in pair will be shown together. They always occupy the whole screen.

* Press middle key on split window button will duplicate the current page on other window.

* Bookmark management. Relaunch your favior site in a new tab and windows will be splitted in the recorded ratio.

The software is released under open source license of GPL 2.0


Release 0.4
* Added auto maximize mode
* After splitted, if one of the window close, the remaining one will be maximized to occupy all the space
* Added bookmark support

Release 0.3
* Now works with maximized window!
* Press middle key on split window button will duplicate the current page on other window.
* Vertical split is supported.
* Options page is added. User may enable/disable pairing mode(MacOS simulation)
* Ubuntu with Unity works better now

In conclusion, the process for modifying our browser’s behavior to add the word count feature is unbelievably simple. In this regard, an extension not only solves a problem that we have but also adds a greater degree of functionality to the experience of using an Edge browser. If you have any problem with the Dualless Add-on install feel free to comment below next reply to answer this question.


Price: Free

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Technical Information

Version: 0.4
File size: 220KiB
Language: English (UK)
Copyright: Ben Lau

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